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How to correctly attach your TwinNeedle pouches using the PALS / MOLLE system.

Watch our Video and learn how to correctly attach any of our TwinNeedle pouches to a compatible PALS/MOLLE platform. 


  • For attachments with multiple sticks or straps, weave both straps through the nylon webbing at the same time. Sticks and straps are rigid, so alternating between the them while you’re weaving can make it easier.
  • Don’t skip over any webbing while weaving. Use every row to keep your gear as secure as possible. Use all the webbing you can on both your gear + on your pack or vest.


PALS / MOLLE isn’t hard to use, but it does take some time to configure. Now that you know how PALS / MOLLE works (and how to attach your accessories properly), you’ll always be able to outfit yourself with the gear you need for your next mission!

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