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Ski gear take a battering last season?

22 Apr 2024
Ski gear take a battering last season?

The chill in the air is a reminder to get your ski gear back up to speed and ready to tackle the slopes. We're experts in fixing different all kinds of gear, whether it's your GoreTex® jacket, favourite fleece, or those scuffed-up bibs that have seen better days.


Services include:

⚡Patching tears and holes, ensuring a durable and waterproof finish.

💧Seam sealing for waterproof integrity, keeping you dry and comfortable.

🛠️ Expert patching and re-stitching of down and synthetic jackets.

⚒️ Zip replacement.

🎚️ Slider replacement to keep your zippers zipping.

🔧 Dome and Velcro replacement.

🚿 Washing and reproofing to refresh and revitalise your gear.

💦 Gore-Tex garment testing and assessment to ensure your outerwear meets the highest standards of waterproofing and breathability.


Don't let a busted zipper or a torn sleeve hold you back.


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