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Sleeping bag rejuvenation

12 Mar 2024
Sleeping bag rejuvenation

How did it get to Autumn already? Winter is just around the corner and we wanted to let you know that our repair team are geared up to tackle some sleeping bag rejuvenation projects!

So why not give that zip a second chance, refill that down baffle and let us repair that tear. Give your trusty sleeping bag some TLC before your next outdoor adventures begin.

We offer the following services for your down or synthetic filled friend:

  • Patching & re-stitching
  • Wash and dry
  • 100g of High quality 90/10 goose down
  • Down boosting
  • Zip replacement
  • Slider replacement
Drop it into the Gasson St Store or send it in via the mail - but remember to fill out a form before you hand it to us, or we might not know what you want to do with it.

So go on, make your sleeping bag happy today!
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