TwinNeedle have been pioneering high-performance outdoor gear since 2008. Our endless pursuit for enhancement and innovation means we’ve transitioned from fixing equipment to creating quality, fit-for-purpose kit that better supports hunters and their adventures.

Our gear is battle-tested in the toughest environments by guides, hunters, military, and police personnel. We've honed our designs to ensure they stand up against the rugged challenges of the wild.

Our roots are grounded in sustainability through our repairing and customisation services giving gear a new lease on life and making sure it doesn’t end up in landfill. We live by the mantra "repair not replace."

At TwinNeedle, we are truly passionate about gear, grit and the great outdoors. We’re more than happy to offer free info and advice on repairs, cleaning, sizing, fitting and customisations.

Call or e-mail us, we love to yarn about how we can make your next hunting adventures even more epic.

TwinNeedle – Made & Repaired in New Zealand.