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How to fit Alice/DEI 1606 Hybrid Pack straps and Hipbelt to Alice Frame

Follow the step by step guide in the images below as to how to fit your straps to the frame. ...

How to fit Alice/DEI Hybrid straps to DEI1606 Frame

Follow the step by step guide on how to fit your straps to your DEI Frame: 1st step – remove lower G hook with Ali...

The LFP in PenCott GreenZone

Showcasing our popular LFP in new PenCott GreenZone cammo.

MollyMe/MiniMe Gun Scabbard

We had a customer our ours come to us and suggest a mod to his MollyMe pack to fit a gun scabbard. We did the mod, ...

Attaching low profile suspenders to your Hunters Belt

Start by weaving the webbing straps off the harness through the looploc’s on the top of the Hunters Belt Once th...

How to fit a pouch with Malice Clips

Using a flat head screwdriver or something similar (be aware that sharp knives will damage the Malice clip) lift ...

Shoulder Pad Sleeve Savers

For anyone carrying a pack with some real weight including the NZDF Terminator pack. Are you losing feeling in your...
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