ITW Field Repair Kit


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ITW Repair Kit

A new 30 pcs set is available in Coyote Brown and black. Here the list of the content:

 1 x GTCR 2 (Body & Latch) (810-2015 / 810-2016)

2 x TSR 1.5 Split Bar (Body & Latch) (150-3150)

2 x SR 1.5 Split Bar (101-3150)

2 x TLL 1.5 Split Bar (154-3150)

2 x GTLL 1.0 Split Bar (154-0201)

2 x Sternum TG Split Bar (646-2025)

2 x GTSP Cordloc (350-6000)

2 x GT Waveloc XL Latch (810-1091)

2 x GT Loop Latch Split Bar (810-1072)

4 x GT Ladderloc Latch (810-1058)

4 x GT Body Loop Split Bar (810-1064)

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