Flapped Ten-Speed M4 Mag Pouch

Blue Force Gear

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The Flapped Ten-Speed M4 Mag Pouch takes the combat proven Ten-Speed pouch to the next level of retention with a hook and loop flap to keep magazines even more secure than open top pouches. An adjustable elastic flap covers the top of the magazine pouch and attaches to the front of the pouch with a hook and loop field for even more security against accidently losing a magazine. If desired, the flap can be removed from any or all of the pouches and replicate a classic open top Ten-Speed M4 Magazine Pouch. The military grade elastic has been proven down range and on patrol stateside for over 10 years to create the lightest magazine pouch with unparalleled versatility of what the Ten-Speed pouch can hold. Originally designed for buses, trains, boats, and other cramped environments - the Ten-Speed pouch was designed as the pouch the wearer would forget it is there, lying flat with a thickness of a nickel to reduce snag hazards and keep the total weight of the much lower than traditional overbuilt military issued magazine pouches.
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